Our Expertise


Cybersecurity is the bread and butter of Twinhelix Consulting.

Both Matt and Tom are highly experienced with building and maintaining secure networks and systems. Our primary focus is ensuring that your business is operating in the most secure manner possible.

We also have experience of securing Internet of Things devices and Industrial Networks, so we can offer a wide range of security services across a vast field of business types.


From start-ups to SMBs and SMEs, we can help you modernise your network and IT infrastructure.

Whether you're just starting up, and need a small office network; or your business is growing, and it's time to segment your network for performance.

We have the skills to ensure your IT footprint grows accordingly.

CCTV & Physical Security

The Twinhelix team have deployed a number of CCTV Systems and delivered Physical Security assessments to many clients. Our aim is to point out the “criminal” point of view, before it’s too late.

GDPR & Policy

TwinHelix has extensive knowledge in GDPR and Data Protection. From both a policy and a security point of view. If you’re in need of some friendly advice on how to implement the latest laws and become GDPR compliant, get in touch.

Cloud Operations

We strive to work with clients who want to migrate their workloads to the cloud, in a cost effective manner, with a no no-nonsense approach.

We are vendor agnostic, and not affiliated with any cloud provider, so we will always recommend the best option for your business.