Our free half-day cybercheck.

Step 1: Arrange an Appointment

If you’re a business owner, or in charge of IT, you can book an appointment for a free half-day cyber assessment.

Step 2: Virtual Assessment

We’ll either visit your location or set up a remote consultation if that’s more convenient for you.

Due to COVID restrictions, we are only doing remote consultations.

On the day, we’ll assess the current state of your IT estate, and gather information about the risks your business faces. We have an assessment framework of over 50 checkpoints to go over, building up an accurate picture of where you are on your journey to security.

Step 3: Reporting

Within a week, we’ll present you with our findings. The report details where you are currently, and what is required to bring your business up to gold-standard levels of security.

The Twinhelix Cybercheck is no-obligation. You don’t have to take step 4. However, we recommend that you allow us to remediate any issues found and protect your security.

Step 4: Remediation

We’ll present you with an itemised quotation for time and materials required to progress you from the current state to a future goal where you’re protecting your business’ security from threats. Our commitment is not to oversell, we will only ever charge what is absolutely needed

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